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new balance trainers sale - MirandaCaroline - 07-07-2018 04:44 AM

New Balance 1500 x 24 Kilates (Miro) Jul 21, 2008 new balance trainers sale Here we present you with the second part of the Modernism Pack, which is a collaboration between the Spanish sneaker shop 24 kilates and NewBalance. They feature inspirations from Catalan artist Joan Miro, and take on a variety of colors. According to an interview with Pol from 24 Kilates, the shoe, which combines perforated leather and suede, reaches its harmony when it s seen from a distance. The attractiveness of this sneaker comes from a mixture of basic colours and surrealism a mixture that provides its own sense for itself.

New Balance A14 Hemp A14 for A22 Jun 18, 2008 Here we feature the New Balance A14 Hemp, which are part of New Balance s A22 Collection. They feature a nature inspired design, which explains the hemp upper, along with a bit of wood grain accenting on the back end of the midsole. They were created wit hthe intention of reflecting a green lifestyle.New Balance 576 Chinese Opera Mask Pack Jun 13, 2008 New Balance will be releasing new balance 580 some new sneakers in the upcoming months. These three pairs of sneakers above are part of the Chinese Opera Mask Pack and they will be releasing in a couple of months. All three shoes are their 576 models. One shoe is of a black/red/white colorway while the other two are green/yellow and orange/black. They should be in New Balance accounts new balance womens trainers within a short period of time.

New Balance 576 Limited Edition Purple Rose May 7, 2008 Nike plans on releasing this New Balance 576 Limited Edition Purple Rose in order to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of New Balance s most popular models. They are inspired by the purple roses found in the garden of the Versailles Palace. They feature purple velvet on the inner lining, as well as white silk embroidery detail. They are constructed from white leather, which representing the pure and indomitable spirit of Kings. The Purple Rose 576 is a limited edition shoe and is set to release in the US on May 15th and retail for $95.00 at select stores nationwide.

Triple Threat new balance women New Balance MT580 Synthetic Stussy x Undefeated x Hectic Apr 20, 2008 Here is some news on the Triple Threat Project, which continues this month with a collaboration among Stussy, Undefeated, and Hectic, which are set to release a new set of New Balance MT580 s. The pack consists of an array of strong, vibrant colors, and uppers constructed mainly from patent leather. The pack consists of three different colorways, and is set to release at Undefeated Japan Chapter Stores on April 26th. We will keep you guys updated as we receive more news or any more pictures.

New Balance A10 Limited Edition Apr 13, 2008 New Balance Japan presents with another interesting design, a limited edition A10 Pack. It consists of the A10 model in three different colorways: red, black, and grey. They feature many intricate details, as well as materials such as canvas, as well as exotic leather detailing around the ankle area. The button at the top of the lacing area is a small detail but adds a nice touch. They are now available at Mita and other retailers.Mita x Realmad Hectic x New Balance MT580 Apr 13, 2008 Collaborations seem to be the hottest thing right now, and they re taking place left and right in the shoe game right now. Here we feature a collaboration in with Mita has teamed up with Realmad Hectic and New Balance on a pair of MT580. They consist of two pairs of shoes, which feature suede and leather uppers, along with bright colorways. They are set new balance trainers womens to release at retailers on April 19, 2008.

New Balance Elements 576 Collection Apr 5, 2008 New Balance is set to release this great collection which is based on the Elemental aspects of Taoism. For those who don t know, Taoism consists of the Yin and Yang, as well as the Eight Trigrams which represent the earthly elements. The earth model released on April 1st, and the next to drop is the wood element version, which will drop on May 1st. Lastly, the New Balance 576 Water releases on 06/01/08. We [Image: new balance trainers womens-265ztc.jpg] ll keep you guys updated as we receive more information.